Organizational Good At The Holidays And Year Round

Organizational Good At The Holidays And Year Round

By Anise Smith

This past year there has been a lot of talk about organizational and corporate greed. I am NOT disputing that there is corporate greed, but there is also corporate good.  I am not totally against a certain amount of greed, as it is needed to build and grow a business. Just keeping it real folks! However I think greed at the expense of people is not great for anyone, except the organization of course.


I have been in the workplace for a long time and I have not been a part of extreme corporate greed in any organization in which I’ve worked.  I feel good about that because it allows me to maintain that widespread organizational greed may be the exception, not the rule.  It gives me a great feeling, knowing that there are great organizations that are focused on organizational goals and NOT corporate greed at the expense of all.


Giving back is good business

Around the holidays, organizations tend to try to put their best foot forward for what they perceive as corporate good. I’m not sure if this is due to the likelihood of the end of year tax-write off or if these corporations want to legitimately do good for those in need. I will remain silent and allow you all to form your own theories and opinions on that. I do know that organizations that are interested in organizational good tend to involve themselves in projects that demonstrate this all year long and not just at tax write off time.


I am lucky to be affiliated with an organization that is involved with corporate good and dedication to community all year long. NBN Group has a philosophy of helping people, which is deeply ingrained in its corporate structure. NBN Group started as Newborn Nurses as a small healthcare organizations created by Linda Begley in 1986 as a community based, family centered, home care agency for the under-served and most vulnerable of our population – babies and their moms. The basis of this organization was created with the goal of helping those most in need.


NBN Group is also the founder of a tax-exempt non-profit organization to help those most in need. Commitment to this cause, helping kids and families that are chronically ill is demonstrated through out the year with fundraisers and drives to raise money for this cause.

Companies that are giving back year round

Some others companies doing good year around may surprise you. We all know about the giants raking in billions a year that give a couple hundred million away to much fanfare, but there are quite a few companies that are giving back daily without the big press push. They do it because it is the right thing. Kroger, for instance, gives away almost 11% of their annual profits to the tune of some $64m annually. IBM, SafeWay, Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil and even less popular companies such as Walmart and Bank of America are pouring millions into local communities and international causes year round.


When more and more companies are focused on getting as much as they can and squeezing as much as they can from others, this company has dedicated itself to continuously doing good and helping those in need the most. This is organization provides inspiration at a time when we need to know that there are organization that can focus on business while still maintaining an atmosphere FREE of corporate good.


In closing:
In a society that is focused and divided about corporations we should not lose hope that there are organizations that are still doing great things.

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