In the months leading up the last U.S. election, a bunch of women got into a heated discussion about how the media was failing to share opinions from the "average" woman. In the hours that followed, we decided we could - and would - do something about it. Spicie.com was born.

Over the past 9 months, we've had 94 posts addressing assorted women's issues published. We've not just covered political hot topics, but dove into subject areas mainstream media prefers to stay away from.

We've had over 1,600 comments left by readers and over 40,000 social shares. These are impressive numbers all around.

Spicie.com was never a project started with an end in sight. We had an objective. I think our numbers showed we made a dent and that we had an impact. We got people to think. We were even fortunate enough to get some great men involved in conversations.

Unfortunately the time has come to put Spicie.com to rest. We're ceasing publication effective immediately. We'd like to think that for the effort our team and fans have put in, that each of you will keep a bit of Spicie.com and continue to spread the word while encouraging dialogue about women's issues. We may have made a dent, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Spicie.com may be closing down, but it is our greatest hope that we all take the Spicie spirit and message and continue to spread it. If we do that, Spicie is and always will be alive. We'd like to give thanks to our wonderful team of contributors at Spicie.com and to the thousands of supporters we've had. You gave us the drive and encouragement to continue to do what we did.

Amanda Fox, Editor-in-Chief
Sharon Hayes, Publisher

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