It Is Time To Prosper!

It Is Time To Prosper!

The elections are over and for that we are thankful. We didn’t mind discussions, even spirited ones, nor did we tire of examining the issues that will not only shape the future of women in America, but all Americans of all shapes, sizes, colors, religious beliefs, genders and sexual orientations. The one thing we tired of was the ugliness that this, like so many other elections, created.

This was an election that came with many ugly statements that creeped out of the darkened corners of many minds and into the light. To a degree, it was inevitable. We have more people using a wider array of social networking platforms than ever before not to mention 24/7 news. We had issues on the table that people were extraordinarily passionate about. Issues that shook people to their core. Reproductive right, same sex marriage, health care, education, immigration – the list goes on.



Working Together We Can Achieve Greatness

Those issues have been settled, to varying degrees, for now. It is time to reflect on what has been achieved – focusing on losses does us no good right now. It is time to stop focusing on partisan politics and start focusing on healing. Healing our economy, our nation and many relationships that we as individuals have seen damaged or lost. It is time to think of our nation not so much as the U.S., but US.

This doesn’t mean we forget about politics until the midterm elections. Each of us still needs to monitor those we have entrusted with the job of representing us. It doesn’t mean we re-introduce toxic people into our lives, but it does mean we bury any lingering animosity and move on. It means we focus on how we empower our nation to get going again as well as ourselves on the personal level.

Here at Spicie, that is our goal. We will watch the issues that impact women. We will watch for any instances of discrimination against any people and see what we can do to shine a light on it. We look to heal and empower. We look to help show women ways that they can take more control of their life whether it be at home, on the job, their health or their relationships. It is time we do our part to move forward by helping you achieve your goals of moving forward.

We know that the world is not all sunshine and unicorns and we will never pretend it is. There is bad in this world. We believe, however, there is a lot of good in this world. There is a lot to take pride in. There is a lot to look forward to. There is much we can achieve together. We look forward to exploring and succeeding in this new era with you!It is time to prosper!

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