Honey Or Vinegar? Which Do You Choose For Expressing Yourself?

Honey Or Vinegar? Which Do You Choose For Expressing Yourself?

By Tracy Madlener

Here at Spicie, we like to encourage our readers to dig a little deeper, to open up those feelings that tug at the heart and to lead a life that is uncompromising and filled with passion of your choosing.  We’ve had conversations that have sparked many emotions, good and bad, but none were wrong.  We’ve covered topics with a sense of urgency, so that maybe, just maybe, a new perspective can be formed or at least an acknowledgement can be made.


My point?  Dialogue is a good learning tool and if one is willing to have a broad view, the options for solutions are endless.  But there is a catch in finding the solutions… the dialogue tone must be courteous, or another word I like better, respectful.


Tone does matter

With 2012 now behind us and the new year in front of us, we move on to the next chapter and hopefully, a lesson was learned by all in the previous pages.  The need to know lesson that stood out most in my mind?  The tone of the dialogue.  I don’t think I was the only one that felt the negativity that took hold of our entire nation this past year.  Left, Right, or I don’t care, we went though an election based upon who can spin the truth to make us believe that dog poop really doesn’t smell and it was ugly.  The stench didn’t stop with the mainstream media, it hovered in the air and made its way to the internet… Facebook, Twitter, online newspapers and magazines and eventually, right here in our comments sections below controversial articles.


A little more honey in our tone wouldn’t hurt

We are so fortunate to live in a time where our opinions can be expressed.  Freedom of speech rules, regardless if it is your truth or not.  Everyone has an opinion and we have the right to say them, but isn’t there, or maybe shouldn’t there be, an unspoken etiquette about how we voice our views?  We’ve all heard the saying, honey works better than vinegar, so how come we don’t use more honey?


I don’t know when the blatant disrespect of dialogue started, maybe I wasn’t paying attention and it has always been like this.  With every controversial article I have written, I have always thought about the big picture.  Never in my mind to offend, but only to express my opinions in a most respectful tone and hoping that others will respond the same. Unfortunately, I have learned, that is not always the case.


Words are powerful.  I say it all the time to my kids.  Just because it may not mean something to you, it means something to somebody.  With every dialogue that has a negative or positive connotation, it affects someone, good or bad.  So for 2013, let’s affect each other with some old fashioned politeness.  Let’s be courteous with our dialogue to one another and it doesn’t mean we have to agree, it just means to be respectful of each others opinions.  Imagine all the solutions we can find…

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  1. If you are cleaning windows, vinegar is better than honey…but I agree that we need to learn to disagree without being so disagreeable.

  2. You are right and yet it’s somehow easier to vinegar life…. :-)

  3. Jeff says:

    Great article

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