Don’t You Just Hate That?

Don’t You Just Hate That?

By Knikkolette Church

Don’t you hate it when people use social media as their online dating source? How many of you have been approached by a total stranger who says, “I could get lost in your eyes” or “You have a captivating smile”… Gimme a break!


AoihFThe sad thing is, there’s a sad lonely person out there that is eating every last word of this up. You would think, a smart, educated person would have the common sense to know a total stranger wouldn’t approach them with a line like “Your cool smile is firing at me and provoking me…” REALLY?!?! It happens all too often, women, and men too, are taken advantage of by these predators.


For me, – it seems to come in waves. It’s not like I do anything differently online. I didn’t suddenly start posting porn or even sexy photos or dirty jokes. Yet, you would think I did with the sudden onslaught of unwelcomed solicitations by a variety of men and women. Yes – that’s right – men and women.


It’s even gotten so bad this time, I’ve changed my security settings so people I don’t know can’t send me messages. That’s not usually a good thing for someone in the social media industry. I really try to be positive, treat people with respect, and be nice to everyone I meet. As my mother taught me growing up – treat people as you want to be treated. I’ve learned, however, if you do so online, you may receive unwelcomed and inappropriate advancements.


Don’t get me wrong – I still want to be friendly, treat people as I want to be treated. I just don’t want unwelcomed advances.


So readers: I have these questions for you. Do you have the same problems? if so, what do you do or what have you done? Do you have some sage advice for me? I’d really like to know!

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