Why I Am a Spicie Woman- Tracy’s Turn

Why I Am a Spicie Woman- Tracy’s Turn

By Tracy Madlener

My parents divorced when I was about two years old.  I’m sure being just eighteen had something to do with it, as I can’t imagine being so mature at that age to be an adult, a parent, and now divorced before ever having a legal drink at the bar.  Yes, they were young, a bit too young as I reflect on it now and I can’t imagine my oldest becoming a father by the time he turns sixteen.  I think I’ll tuck that thought waaaaaay in the back of my mind and hopefully not have to deal with it… ever.


Growing up, I was that latchkey kid that had a piece of string tied around my neck like a necklace.  My house key was used as my charm, though no one could see it as I was told to hide it under my blouse.  I was the new kid in school that everybody would whisper about and wondered where did I come from.  I was no stranger to the whispers and stares as I went to 25 different schools by the time I graduated high school.  I was the stepdaughter who didn’t get along with the household, so off I was sent living with different family members from all over the country to finally end up living on my own before receiving my high school diploma.


Tracy Madlener - Spicie through and through!

Tracy Madlener – Spicie through and through!

There were many “adults” in my teen life, and advice was given freely about their own trials and tribulations. I’m sure they were trying to give me sensible guidance all the while they were either passing me a joint or trying to get me under the covers.  I was barely eighteen and the wolves in sheep’s clothing were in full effect, but thank my sane brain for the couple of things I’ve learned… self reliance and listening to a strong gut feeling.  Depending on myself and nobody else was etched in my mind from an early age, and the will to survive all that was thrown my way made me fiercely independent.  There was nothing that I couldn’t do and not one person that could stop me once I had my radar locked in to whatever it was I wanted to do.


Fast forward 20+ years and I still have the attitude that I can do anything… and I do.  I’m fearless and untouchable and I use my Spicie attitude with no limits.  Homeschool my kids?  Okay!  Become the go-to person when wanting to know about alternative education in my area… done!  Create a website/blog for homeschoolers… got it!  Write a top #1 mommy blog for SoCal?  Check!  Be a voice to teach others about GMOs… Doing it!  Raising awareness about women’s rights… constantly!  Staying Spicie… all the time!


A Spicie woman never gives up.  She is strong, bold and a survivor.  She leads the way for others in hopes to encourage and inspire.  When a Spicie woman falls, she gets up, wipes the tears away and continues on.  Always a believer in hope and always believing that she can… and I can… and I do, and that’s why I am a Spicie woman.

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  1. MM says:

    Nicely done! What a wonderful post with a never-say-failure attitude. That’s the best way to approach life. : )

  2. mario says:

    wow… Tracy no wonder you are that superwoman that I got to know…. I knew there was something special about you… hugs….

  3. Alex Zmushka says:

    Dear Tracy! I am proud and happy to be connected with you! I know why you are spicie, I truly know it! But I am not going to tell that to anybody 😉 You’ve just prove my theory on that by this post. 😉

  4. Great article! What a rough childhood. I believe though, with my whole heart that those of us that live through way less-than-ideal childhood experiences can shine the way for kids struggling now; that yes, you can make it, that the future is as bright as you want to make it, and that you are not doomed to a life of strife just because of what was handed to you.
    Bravo, Tracy!

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