A Bittersweet Christmas

A Bittersweet Christmas

By Tracy Madlener

As a mother of two, I am doing the same thing that most other moms are doing since the tragedy of Newtown, I am hugging my children more than usual and at the same time, whispering a prayer under my breath.  Like you, my heart shattered with the news of the shooting and every time I try to imagine my feet in the shoes of those parents in Connecticut, I ache and my eyes tear up as if it happened to my own family.


This Christmas will be bittersweet, as I will be joyful that my family is safe and at home.  The sounds of happy laughter and my kids’ arms hugging me with each gift that is opened will be cherished, and yet, I know that my mind will be with those families on the east coast.  How can it not?


Give how you can. There is no great or small in giving, just giving.

If your heart is heavy with sadness and you’re feeling helpless like I am, there is a little something we can do to let those families know that we support them in their time of deep sorrow.  I have found an article on Reuters with donation links for the families of Newtown to help with counseling, funeral costs, and general well being.  I can’t begin to comprehend  what these families are going through, but I’m sure that every little bit helps as they try to put the pieces that was once their lives, back together again.


We may not be able to heal the broken hearts of Newtown for Christmas, but we can keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Donate if you can. Share this around to help get it in front of people that can help make a difference as well – or just share the links to the organizations helping these souls in their time of need. The main thing is, do something. The more people that know how to help, wherever they may be, the more likely aid is to reach these people and this town in need.

Reuters- http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/17/us-usa-shooting-contributions-idUSBRE8BG0U620121217

My Sandy Hook Family Fund- https://www.everribbon.com/ribbon/view/10076

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