Valentine Tips for Keeping Things Spicie

Valentine Tips for Keeping Things Spicie

By: Caffeinated OC Mommy (Guest Columnist)

My goodness… I’m in new surroundings here… how FABulous!  I even put on a brand new “Spicie” shade of lipstick just for the occasion!  What?  Ohh why yes of course, where have my manners gone… Hellooooo my Darling Friend… fancy meeting you here!  Come make yourself comfy, I’ve got a nice fresh pot of, ‘Romance and Lipstick’ to fill your cup…


Because I am the FABulous Caffe, I have been asked by the women of Spicie to give you my expertise on all things red!  So that must mean we’re gonna talk all about shades of red lipsticks, right?  No?  Not lipsticks?  Well smack my forehead and call me a MILF, of course what I meant was Valentine’s Day!  Ahhh yes, flowers and chocolates and hearts and cupids and leopard print crotchless undies and lickable… errr… ummm… uhh, what I meant was, Romance! *blushing*  Yes, yes, that’s what I meant!


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m here to give you a few tips and preparations on keeping things Spicie for you and that someone special… shall we begin?


It's a classic because it always works!

It’s a classic because it always works!

Tip #1- Leave a few flirty love notes where they can be found throughout the day.  This is quite easy to do Darling and well worth the anticipation at the end of the day… Naughty messages can be quite playful and a note with a how talented you are with your… well, it’s your talent, I’m sure you can fill in the blank!  And don’t forget to kiss the notes with your favorite colored lipstick.  If you’re like me, you’ll have a different color for each and every note OR spray the notes with a CFM perfume.  Not sure what CFM means?  Google it my Dear and try not to hit your jaw on the floor!


Tip #2- It’s all in the body language Darling!  Flirty little eyelashes batting at your target has the same affect as a peacock spreading his brilliantly gorgeous feathers… playing coy and a bit shy works wonders for those who like to be submissive OR if you’re feeling feisty, a take charge stance with your shoulders held back and your chin up high makes for *ahem* a little dominance perhaps?  Pick your choice and go all out… body language is oh so much fun!


Get your sexy on!

Get your sexy on!

Tip #3- Mommy appropriate attire has its time and place, but Valentine’s is the perfect time to throw that idea out the window!  Never mind being appropriate… dress the part of a charming wench!   Oh come on now, don’t be bashful Darling… Going out for a nice dinner?  Be the sexy siren that has all heads turning your way, including other women that wish they were as confident as you to be able to strut your stuff with a fearless attitude… and of course a nice bold lipstick!  Feeling a bit timid about wearing a blouse that goes down to… there?  Then go for the naughty undies with the peek-a-boo, uhh, hide and seek, umm… hmmm, is it a bit warm in here or is it just me?  Dress nicely and wear matching panties… that’s what I meant my Dear.


Tip #4-  It’s all in the attitude Darling and I choose to be a MILF!  That and a hot pink shimmery lip color, or maybe a sparkly mauve… mauve lips look so divine, but it is Valentine’s so maybe I’ll go with a deep red to accentuate my pouty pucker and… wait a second… what were we talking about?  OHHH, Tip #4!  Yes, that’s what it was, it’s all in the attitude!  Sexy, hot, confident… pour on the charm!  Look in the mirror and tell your self, “I’m a Sex Kitten!”  Go on, what are you waiting for?


Well my Dear, I hope I have ignited your inner desires to have the most romantic Valentine’s ever!  But why practice these tips just on this holiday for lovers?  These tips are FABulous all year long, and believe me Darling… I know!


My my… my cup is empty and I’m feeling a bit flushed… I think I need to powder my nose!  So off you go… and don’t forget to make sure you tell yourself how FABulous YOU are!  Until next time my Darling Friend… Cups Up and Ta Ta!  xoxo

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  1. Ralph Ott says:

    Yeah , – I like MILF’s

  2. Graham says:

    Oh my! Talking of red things, that’s the color my…….FACE is right now. I’m blushing. I feel like I just got caught going through the underwear drawer! 😉

  3. stacey ruhle kliesch says:

    How can I follow you or get on your mailing list or whatever? I would like to recieve your new posts in my inbox.

    • Ah HA! I KNOW what you like my Dear Stacey! Shhhhhh, I won’t tell anyone, it’ll be our little secret *wink wink* Following me includes many trips to the lipstick aisle… OR, just click on my name Darling… Gotta go check my FABulous self in the mirror now, I think my lipstick needs a retouch… Cups Up! xoxo

  4. Wow… :) I have to say this got… er… would get my motor running. :) Time to get some crotchless boxer shorts! LOL!

  5. Lucy Bieri says:

    Valentine is definitely the perfect time to dress the part of a charming wench . its all about positive attitude.. Thanks for sharing Wayne.

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