The War on Bullying Starts With Bullying Adults That Spawned Bullying Children

The War on Bullying Starts With Bullying Adults That Spawned Bullying Children

By Anise Smith

I read a post today about bullying and how SCHOOLS need to do a better job with addressing this issue and come up with different strategies because the strategies that are now in place are not working. Oh wow, really? Well imagine that? It’s not working because we are on the wrong path; we are not really looking at the source of the problem. If we want to start addressing the bullying epidemic in this country, we must first look at the source of the problem and that’s the parents of the bullies. PARENTS of the bullies are not and have NOT taken responsibility for their actions and their role that they are playing in the bullying epidemic.  YES I said it!

Kids that are bullies have PARENTS that are bullies! Additionally, if you have a child that is a bully it’s because it’s something that happens in the home, something that they’ve witnessed and/or their parents are bullies. As a parent you are aware of your child’s behavior before anyone else is. YOU see them every day. YOU know your child. YES I SAID IT!

We have a new wave of mean adults that are bullies that have passed their behaviors on to their children. As a parent, your kids DO what you DO, not DO WHAT you say! If your child is a bully at school, more than likely they’ve displayed some of these behaviors at home. However the current parents that have allowed their child to behave badly at home, in the restaurants, and everywhere in between would never acknowledge their role in the behaviors of their child.

imageswwThere is no amount of campaigning, strategies implemented or programs that can change what is reinforced in the home. If a kid starts school at 3 and they’ve been home under the constant influence of their parents that have reinforced bad behaviors for those 3 years, there is no amount of programs that can undo this.

Anti-bully campaigns must start in the home if they are expected to work. This would involve bad parents taking responsibility for their role in the behaviors of their children. We have a society now that has taught their children that they are so freakin’ special, above the rules and exempt from every rule of society. These parents have really done their child NO favors. These are the children that have now been let lose on society with the learned behaviors as a result of bad parenting.

GOOD parenting has jumped the shark and bullying kids, bad behavior, entitled kids and general obnoxiousness is a result of this. If we want to start working on the kids that bully other kids we must first acknowledge the problem and that is ADULTS. More specifically we must address the adults that are BAD parents that raised obnoxious, mean and hateful children because they are obnoxious, mean and hateful adults.  YES I SAID IT!

Yoda wouldn't tolerate bullying either

Yoda wouldn’t tolerate bullying either

Just think about your social media news feed a few months ago during the political elections. Think about all of the hateful messages, nastiness and YES bullying that was going on. Think about how nasty, mean and hateful people were all under the guise of their political affiliation. Think about all of the politicians and the hate and nastiness that stank up the news feed. THESE are the parents of bullies! These are the types of people that have spawned the little bullying offspring that are wrecking havoc in our school systems now.

If you want to win the war on bullies you must FIRST look at the epidemic of BAD parents that have spawned the bullies. Yeah I said it, Come AT Me BRO!

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