Are You Letting Your Inner Child Make Your Grown Up Decisions?

Are You Letting Your Inner Child Make Your Grown Up Decisions?

By Tracy Madlener

I have a teenage son who I’m constantly maneuvering his thoughts and ideas about life.  Now don’t start thinking that I’m some sort of control freak mom, his thoughts are his thoughts… I just sprinkle other perspectives onto his teenage brain and I’m hoping he might catch a glimmer of what it is that I’m sprinkling.  The path to becoming a successful adult has been a hot topic lately in my household and I’m always surprised at the words of wisdom that come out of my mouth.  Am I really getting ummm… *ahem* older and wiser in this stage of my life?  I’ll admit to the wiser, but never the older!


Would you let this kid make decisions about your life?

The conversations with my teenager have been enlightening for me and it has also opened up my eyeballs and made me do a reality check point of where I am in my own life.  One of the many things that have come up in our chats got me thinking.  Decisions that we’ve made when we were eight years old and how that still affects those who hold on to that idea.  Know anybody like that?  I do.


I’m always perplexed when I have a conversation with another adult who has decided yea or nay on whatever the topic may be, based on an experience they had when they were just a young child.  I ask the same question each time, “Knowing what you know now, would you let an eight year old child make your decision for something as important as your life today?”  This always seems to wake the individual up.  I mean think about it, something that happened so many years ago may not be relevant to the now of today.  Does that make sense?


To be a successful adult we need to have a clear path to run freely on.  I’m positive that there will be obstacles on the road we travel, but let’s not put them there ourselves with excess luggage filled with files from our youth.  Speaking of files, where do you file your past?  In the future?  As silly as that sounds, there are many who do file their past in the future!  Here’s a few examples… “I’ve lost every baseball game when I was a kid, so why would I win one now?”  “I don’t like spinach because I hated it when I was kid.”  “I didn’t like my math teacher in 5th grade so I haven’t liked math ever since.”


Sound familiar?  We’ve heard something similar spoken to us by other adults or maybe even in our own voice.  Filing our past in the future makes for a cluttered path and gives a person the excuse not to do or try something new, so says their eight year old voice.  Times and perspectives change over a period of time, and hopefully, most people have grown mentally and know better than when they were only eight.


Walk a clear path

File your past in your past so that way you can move on with your future and everyday is a new beginning no matter what happened yesterday.  That rotten math teacher?  She didn’t tell you to not like math, that was a decision made by a child.  Have you tried the ultra delicious spinach salad with dried cranberries and crunchy bacon bits?  Just because you lost a few baseball games when you were little, doesn’t mean you will always lose throughout your life.  Stop cluttering the path of your future with files that should be placed in the past.  Are you catching what I’m sprinkling?

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