You’ve Still Got A Long Way To Go Baby!

You’ve Still Got A Long Way To Go Baby!

We, and we are assuming many others, noticed that when all the talking heads and analysts presented their numbers at the end of the election, it became evident that women did in fact rock the vote. It goes to show how much power can be harnessed when we act collectively. Of course, not every woman voted the same ticket. We spent some time reading comments all over the web and talking to women on each side of the divide to figure out where the middle ground is. How do women better consolidate and come together to create real, positive change? We’ve come a long way – and we have a lot further to go!


Female Senators (Image from RH Reality Check)

To our dismay, it became evident that as is true in many other aspects of life, there are two camps each viewing a number of issues related to women in two very different ways. We’re not even talking about all the hot button issues either – this is basic “How do we create a better world?” type of topics. It was saddening that in some cases we encountered women that saw issues we view as problems, such as FGM, as not being a problem because they view it as little more than a cultural difference.


We were disheartened to find some women wanted nothing to do with helping provide access to the correct information regarding proper sexual health for young women. In general, it was wanting young women to know about birth control and how it works that created a rift on this issue. We believe we aren’t here to tell young people to have sex or not, but rather tell them how to be safe if they do. We don’t believe screaming “abstinence!” at the top of our lungs would do any good for anyone.


Once of the big areas we want to get into is helping women, and men, understand how government works. During the elections it became crystal clear that too many people don’t know who does what or why in our political process. What are executive powers? What is a bill? What do major pieces of legislation like Obamacare actually mean to the average person in plain language? We were shocked to find most women had no idea that if they oppose abortion, they have the right to choose, yes CHOOSE, a plan that doesn’t cover it Obamacare.

What we learned most is that there is a real and pronounced generational gap and that basic human civil rights are something we have to constantly fight for and protect for everyone. Some see the fight as over, some say it is just beginning and a certain portion don’t really care so long as they can do as they always have undisturbed. A few even say it’s gone too far already and some groups of people have rights they shouldn’t.

The fight for equality is never ending. It has implications that go far beyond the rights that are being sought which should be inalienable in the first place. Equal rights whether they be in regard to reproduction/family planning, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.. all need to be protected. It isn’t just the economy we need to worry about. Equality measures are hard to come by and a bitch to regain once lost – ask Californians about Prop. 8. When we begin not only denying, but taking away rights, we dehumanize. We establish a hierarchy of implied superiority which has nothing to do with nation building or even healing. We cannot allow that.


We’ll all never agree on every issue. What we can agree on, however, is that there is a lot we can do to make the world better for generations to come after us. We can raise awareness of what is wrong and equally praise that which is right. We can all strive to find common ground and accentuate that rather than spend our time focused on those things which we disagree on. We invite you to work with us and help us reach our goal of making this world better not just for the women of today, but the young girls that will grow into the women of the future.


We’ve come a long way baby! Now it’s time to keep pushing forward. We’ve still got a long way to go. Let’s do it together instead of on our own.

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