People Should Not Have To Sacrifice Freedom To be Safe From Rape

People Should Not Have To Sacrifice Freedom To be Safe From Rape

By Alicia Taylor

Have you seen all the advice to women to keep themselves and avoid getting raped?

People really believe this stuff is the key to solving the rape epidemic

People really believe this stuff is the key to solving the rape epidemic

1. Make sure your windows are locked so that no one can sneak in. So much for opening the windows come spring time to blow out the winter doldrums.

2. Never walk alone. Forget about that much needed walk on your favorite beach by yourself. You don’t really need to clear your mind. You need to be surrounded by people so that you won’t get raped.

3. Stay focused while walking if you have to walk alone. What were you thinking taking a walk to clear your head? You have to watch every shadow!

4. Don’t listen to your headphones while jogging. Forget about using the rhythm of music to help your forget how hard you are working your body.

5. Get a dog. Get a really big dog. Don’t worry about whether or not you like dogs, enjoy walking them, or can afford to feed them. Just get one for protection – oh, and pay lots of money for a trainer to teach it to protect you.

6. Long hair makes it easier for an attacker to grab you. Forget about wearing long beautiful braids.

7. Watch what you wear. Wear uncomfortably tight clothing so that an attacker can’t get them off easier. Avoid long skirts or comfortable shorts. Comfort just isn’t an option.

8. Don’t set your drink down at parties. Just forget about having two hands free or enjoying a spin on the dance floor. Someone may try to slip something in it.

9. Insist on a waiter bringing you a drink. Forget about trusting that guy your with, he may drug you.

10. Take self-defense classes in your free time. Even if you are lucky enough to find a decent free one, you should still spend your valuable time learning to defend yourself.

You must forgive my obvious sarcasm, but why should we have to sacrifice so much of what is important to us to avoid being raped? Why is that even necessary? It’s necessary because we live in a culture where rape is tolerated and permitted. People serve more jail time for selling marijuana than they do for rape. I particularly like these 10 tips on how not to rape someone for men. It’s really all boils down to respect. Rape is not motivated by lust. Rape is motivated by power and control. It’s about taking something that does not belong to you. It’s about bringing another person to their knees in humiliation and stealing their personhood.

I don’t know how to solve the rape culture in our society. It’s a big problem. I can educate my sons to respect women. I can teach my daughter to protect herself. However, I cannot change laws on my own. As long as our country is more concerned about what people do to their own bodies than what they forcibly do to another human being, this problem will continue.

Something EVERYONE should keep in mind regardless of gender

Something EVERYONE should keep in mind regardless of gender

People should not have to sacrifice freedom to have security. It’s a crying shame that it’s come to this. I dream of a place where we can all just live peaceably together. If you want to make a difference, motivate your congress people with letters and phone calls. Share your stories openly so that victims feel ok about speaking out. Educate the public to assist others in need of help rather than just walk away from them.

What we need is a civilized society where mutual respect is taught and we can all walk the streets, deep in thought, without having to worry about being attacked.

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