It’s Only a Political Party When Family Isn’t Involved

It’s Only a Political Party When Family Isn’t Involved

By: Tracy Madlener

With the upcoming election right around the corner, I’m on the phone more than usual with my long distant mom to keep her current with what’s going on… and I like to hear about other family members and how they’re doing.  Okay, that’s mostly true, but really, I like to hear if my mom has chatted with her sister.


I know right?  The nosy daughter that wants to hear the political opinions of my mother and her older sister!  I mean, why don’t I just ask my aunt directly why she feels the way she does?  One… she is set in her opinions that have been instilled upon her from years ago and the information is no longer current and Two… it would be a clash of the titans when our views merged and I really don’t want to start a family feud between my mom and her sister.  The big clash political hot topic?  Women’s Rights.

I am stumped.  It truly befuddles my brain when I hear that my aunt, who is in her late sixties, doesn’t care about the rights of women.  She is a mother of a daughter and a grandmother and she is not the only one that feels this way.  My mom has a few other friends that also claim that they don’t care and that it is not relevant to them.  Huh?  That just seems so selfish to me and to not care about how the next generation of women, women in their own family, will have to either endure or embrace their future based on the decisions that are made by the women of today.

I asked my mom why her sister feels this way, and she answered, “Tracy, if she votes at all, it will be for Mitt Romney (my Aunt is a staunch Republican), and when I asked her about the lies that Mitt has been caught in, she then told me they’re all liars and now she won’t vote for either.”

Mitt Romney: Photo by Gage Skidmore


But, but, what about the rights of women?  Doesn’t she realize that this election is not about a party but about women?  It was no use, my mom kept repeating over and over to me the answer my aunt gave her, that they’re all liars, all of them.  And that’s that.

Ummm, wow.  That answer is as simple minded as it gets.  I love my family. I love my aunt.  We are all entitled to our opinions, but it still doesn’t answer my question or maybe it does but I’m not satisfied with that answer.  All liars is a cop out to me.

This election is not a party election.  It may be that way for the men, but for the women,  we have A LOT at stake and quite honestly, if Mitt and the President were swapped (party lines) I would vote opposite, it’s that important.

As women, we need to come together as one and keep women moving forward.  It’s not about religion, it’s not about party, it’s not even about abortion.  It’s about our rights to choose what’s best for us in all areas of our lives from health to equal pay to freeing ourselves from some of man’s silly traditions that are imposed on women.  This election is being followed by women around the world who are counting on us to stand up for the rights of women so they can be strong too, follow our lead and do the same.

This election, I ask you to think of the girls in the next generation.  Do you want them to stand up and lead?  Or follow and be led?  Don’t not care or feel it’s irrelevant, your voice matters.

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  1. J.R. Wirshing says:

    Tracy, I strongly disagree with your post. While women’s rights are certainly important, as are voter’s rights, the economy, and dozens of other issues, fundamentally, if the people’s control of our government fails, then not only our nation, but worldwide freedom will collapse. History provides endless examples of the cyclic nature of governments. Those nations which allow their governments to degenerate into socialism typically fail within a few short decades.

    • Tracy says:

      Thanks for your thoughts J.R., but what does your comment have to do with women’s rights? I’m not talking about the “economy, and dozens of other issues”, I’m talking about women coming together. I’m talking about equality and fairness for women, I’m talking about women and their daughters and granddaughters. Not once did I mention our nation falling…

  2. MM says:

    I agree with your post completely, Tracy. And I am sorry that J.R. Wirshing thinks Romney is going to fix the economic mess that the Republicans started, to begin with. (Remember, Obama inherited this awful economy. He did not cause it.) But aside from all that, Tracy is right– what does that complaint have to do with women’s rights?

    Yes, J.R. (sounds Texan), has a right to voice an opinion and I am ok with that. I just happened to have a different, equally valid, opinion and would like to say I support what what Tracy posted. We cannot allow ourselves to move backwards, socially!

    Social well being and social rights, for all, are the basis for any great nation. Would we sacrifice basic human rights for more money? I sure would not! I’d rather struggle, financially, than see a single right as a woman, taken away from me.

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