Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl

By: Tracy Madlener

There has been so much in the news lately about women’s rights or as the media labels it, The War on Women, that it can be hard to keep up.  But keep up we must, as every little piece of information is relevant to the upcoming election in November.  For me, this election is not about the right or left.  It’s not about the Conservative or Liberal machines and I will not be voting based on a Republican or a Democratic ticket.

 I will vote as an American, but more importantly, I will vote as an American woman who will vote for those who will take a stand and speak up for women and our rights to be women. We all deserve nothing less.

It seems to me there are many politicians who speak with authority about women and our rights, and yet, I don’t think these particular politicians have ever had a period.  Why do old white men get to decide how we take care of our bodies when most of them can’t even explain how oral contraceptives work?  Hmmm… just a thought.


Pilule contraceptive by Ceridwen

And if oral contraceptives can’t be explained, then how on earth can these politicians in Arizona know the ins and outs on the timeline of when conception starts?  How can it be assumed that life starts the day after the last day of a woman’s menstrual cycle?  Did that particular date fall from the sky and hit them on the head?  I thought these politician were supposed to be public servants, not doctors or medical scientists and definitely, not God.

This November, I’m looking to vote for politicians that not only let women take care of their bodies, but that also know that equality in the workplace is a must.  I don’t understand why men and women at the same job are not paid equally.  Is a woman’s time less valuable?  Are you listening Senator Akin?


We need to learn from history and stop re-electing buffoons

First the Senator explains to us about what a legitimate rape is and now he doesn’t want women to get paid equally.  What?  What planet does this guy live on anyway?  I thought the goal when becoming a public servant was to be a voice for those that voted for these politicians to speak for them.  I think women may have thought otherwise to vote for Senator Akin had they known he was so against moving forward on women’s issues.

Women have fought long and hard for every right that we have.  Please remember Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton this November, as these great women stood up and made sure they were heard. Thanks to them and all who believed in them, we get the privilege and the right to vote for who will be the next President of the United States of America.

Let’s keep women moving forward, not backwards.  Vote with confidence knowing that there are politicians that will take a stand for women.  But to truly vote with confidence, we must keep up with the news and know that not all is as it seems.  You want truth?  Visit the Spicie page on Facebook as we are a group of women who are dedicated in finding the answers and seeking truth for what we deserve… our rights to be women.

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  1. MM says:

    I agree, I agree! My hand is sticking way up and I’m waving it vigorously around to say “Count me in!” : )

    I think many American women have taken their rights for granted so much so that the “alarm” hasn’t gone off in their heads as to the undermining of these rights, over the past decade and more. We DO need to pay attention, ALL of the time! If and how we vote matters a great deal not only for us, but for every woman and for the future of all their daughters.

  2. Tracy says:

    I’m counting on you MM to make informed decisions when you vote. But it sounds like you’ve already got that under control. : )

  3. Mari Haig says:

    We must respect our foresisters and foremothers and appreciate their unearthly sacrifices, nothing less will do. Human decency affects every single person, not one gender.

  4. Barum says:

    Excellent points you make Tracy.
    Stretch a bit more some of the beliefs of people like senator Akin, and you get the Taliban philosophy in a nutshell when it comes to women.

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