And Then, Maybe You Are Spicie Like Me….

And Then, Maybe You Are Spicie Like Me….

By Heather Jabusch

I had never considered myself to be a feminist because I always thought that meant that women were better than men in everything. When in fact, it is about establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. That I support! I never did anything because everyone else did it. In fact, I often won’t do something because everyone else is doing it. These are trends and for the most part, I am not a trendy gal. However, I am Sexy!

I have lost loved ones, dated the wrong guys, and watched my parents make many mistakes. I was the one who called 911 while my big brother passed away from an asthma attack when I was 10 years old. I dated that angry guy for too long and know what it is like to be scared for your life. My father stopped talking to me right before my wedding and never walked me down the aisle. I am sure we have all seen our share of life’s challenges, but the question is what did you do after them? I kept on going and with passion!

Heather Jabusch being Spicie

Heather Jabusch being Spicie

To me, a Spicie woman is a strong woman. One that does not give up and stands for what she believes in. Attempts to educate themselves on discrimination issues and fights for equality. One who strives to be a better person by learning from their mistakes and making better decisions in the future. Not too proud to admit when I am wrong, but my aspiration is to be right. Isn’t everyone’s? LoL

The key to being right is doing your homework! This is what Spicie does….your homework. We research the pros and cons of many issues and situations, political and social and examine if we should support or protest them. We are also open to your opinions and welcome your thoughts, as we have organized a community and not a democracy. We are real women, looking out for other women. As a hotelier, I write about travel and strive to inform you on things such as safety, traveling with kids, popular destinations, and saving money (to name a few).

Let see…SPICIE….Sexy, Passionate, Interesting, Curious, Intelligent, Evocative….I am Spicie, are you?

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