Stop Watering The Weeds And Start Watering The Flowers!

Stop Watering The Weeds And Start Watering The Flowers!

By Amanda Fox


It’s time to stop watering the weeds and start watering the flowers! You might have snow on the ground or freezing temperatures where you are right now and think I’m crazy. I’m not talking about the weeds in your garden or lawn, I’m talking about the weeds in your life. We all have weeds in our life no matter how healthy, well adjusted, successful or happy we are. The other thing we have in common is that to varying degrees, we water the weeds.


Sometimes, the weeds are attractive

What are the weeds in our life though? They’re a little different for everyone. Generally, we have multiple kinds of weeds hanging around. It could be toxic people, bad habits, stress, poor health, self esteem issues, laziness or whatever it is that is stopping us from growing and reaching the sunshine. Stop and take a mental inventory of what it is in your life that is holding you back, and then continue reading.


Just like those weeds in the garden the weeds in our life start out small and mostly unnoticed. Then they grow and spread. They consume more and more of what we need to grow and if we don’t stop them, they will choke the life out of us. If we saw weeds in the garden growing up around our tomato plants, we’d rip those suckers right out of the ground without sparing a second’s thought. When it comes to the weeds in our life, however, we tend to hesitate and sometimes we do nothing. We just let those weeds keep growing.


Even among the most beautiful blooms, weeds can grow

The reason we hesitate, or do nothing, is often because unlike pulling up a weed in the garden, the weeds in our life can’t be disposed of in a few seconds. It can take a lot of time and hard work. Another problem is that sometimes we don’t see the weeds. We spend our time looking at the blooms of our life up near the top with their pretty colors and don’t bother to see what is going on closer to the ground. There are even some weeds we find attractive even though we know we should be doing without them.


Here’s how you keep the garden of your life free from weeds

1. Get to know what kind of weeds you’re dealing with. What are the big things that are nagging problems for you? Don’t just keep them in your mind, write them down and look at that list every morning so you are always reminded of what you are working on weeding out.
2. Do the weeding! Just like in your garden, you don’t grab ten weeds at a time and try to rip them out of the ground. You focus on one at a time and move on. Also, don’t just rip the top off. Clearing away what is above the surface may work for a week or so, but if you don’t get to the root it just keeps coming back.
3. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! If you keep your garden weed free and healthy, you have whatever you grew to enjoy. The same goes for our body and mind. Keep it free from weeds and you are going to enjoy life more – that is your harvest!
4. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. The thing about weeds is that they are resilient and sneaky. They will find a way to come back and try to take over if you give them a chance. Make sure you are always vigilant and eradicate any weeds that threaten to take away from your harvest.


It all sounds so simple, but the reality is that this is hard work. This involves change and you dedicating yourself to making positive steps forward. The reward is being happier and healthier. The best thing about this though, is if you’re overrun with weeds and it all seems like too much – you can ask for help! You don’t have to do it alone. Just go weed by weed and before long you’ll be able to look at those blooms up top and enjoy them even more.

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