Happiness And Success: Make 2013 Your Year Of A Lifetime!

Happiness And Success: Make 2013 Your Year Of A Lifetime!

By Amanda Fox

Happiness and success are not accidental . That sounds a little funny maybe, but think about it. Happiness and success are not abstract things that stumble into our lives, they are something we pursue. You can’t sit on the sofa all day doing nothing and expect happiness to ring the doorbell and say “I’m here! Let’s go have a great time!” It just doesn’t work that way. Some people disagree – in fact a lot do. Think of it this way . . . of all the best moments and achievements in your life, how many happened because you were doing nothing more than waiting for them?


A popular belief, but do you really buy into it?

There is a very popular school of thought that believes we should all sit back and let the good things in the universe come to us. Don’t stress, don’t go 100 miles an hour chasing anything and just be happy with what you have as the universe bestows it upon you. I can see why that is attractive, in theory, but this is the real world. People have needs, wants, desires and dreams that deserve to be pursued rather than waited on. Let’s face it, waiting patiently rarely gets you where you really want to be.


Life is violent in the sense that it throws twists and turns at us we have to react to. If we let life toss us around like a rag doll with a smile on our face, guess where we end up? Wherever chance takes us. Maybe that is good for some people, but ask yourself this – Is it good for you? If life shook you by the collar and said “This is it. Like it or not, this is where you are, so smile and deal with it.”, would you accept that or would you rebel?


Sometimes . . . You have to be the one to take life by the collar and shake it around and tell it “I am going where I WANT to and I am doing it my way!”


This raises an important question – How do we take control of our own happiness and success?


1. Consciously embrace that you deserve happiness and success
You may think this sounds crazy, but the fact is there are millions of people in the world that truly believe they do not deserve to be happy or successful. There are many more that make the choice to accept whatever hand they were dealt and be happy with that. I’m here to tell you, settling is BS. Deciding to be happy with something is not the same as being genuinely happy with it – get what you want!

2. Identify what it is that makes you happy and success will go along for the ride.
Don’t fall into the trap of saying things like money, or any possession really, is what makes you happy in and of itself. Money is a tool, and like any other tool, it is only as good as they way you use it. Think in terms of doing things, instead, that you enjoy, which can in some way help you attain whatever it is that you need. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, within reason, but if you have all of your financial, emotional and spiritual needs met, what reason do you have to be unhappy?

3. Make a plan!


Make this your Year of a Lifetime!

An old Colonel I had years ago sat me down one day and asked me what I was doing with my life. What were my goals? Where did I see myself in 5 and 10 years. The best I could muster was to answer about the same thing as I was doing then except maybe with a higher rank. Maybe!!! He told me, if that was where my best thinking was taking me, maybe it was time to let someone else help me do a little thinking – and was he ever right! If your best thinking hasn’t allowed you to make clear plans to pursue happiness and success, get some help with your thinking by calling on a trusted friend, family member or trying a program like Year of a Lifetime.

4. Follow through
No plan is worth dime if you don’t follow through on it. You can’t resolve to say “I will be happy because I will meet someone special” and then sit around! That’s not a plan. If you said “I will be happy because I will meet someone special by getting out two nights a week and actively seeking others out.” – that has focus! That’s a viable plan! Resolve to do it, follow through, enjoy the success.

5. Don’t give up!
Let’s be real – some days, life is going to kick you in the crotch and suck so much you wonder why you ever got out of bed. You’re going to have days and maybe even stretches of a few weeks where you really hurt. The thing is, you don’t have to sit there and take it. I’m not saying you ignore emotional pain or difficulties and just waltz through the day with a painted on smile. What I am saying is you get through it and press on. You never lose focus of your goals.


This is your life! It’s not mine, your neighbor’s, your boss’ or your mom’s. It’s yours! If you want good things, you have to do good things. Don’t wait on a better job to find you – you go find it. Don’t wait around expecting other people to make you happy – make yourself happy first. Don’t fall back on lame excuses or pin blame to others for why you aren’t where you want to be in life – look in the mirror first. This ain’t no game, it’s life. You get one, so don’t screw it up tossing coins in a fountain making wishes – make plans and carry them out!

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