The Christmas Tree: Magic MUST Be True

The Christmas Tree: Magic MUST Be True

By Knikkolette Church

Miracles are about believing

One evening close to Christmas a few years back, a single mother came in to the “Toy Shop” a program MUST offers to families who could not otherwise provide a Christmas for their children. The mother came in with a look of sadness, almost despair. She knew she did not have the money to purchase toys for her children, she even said “We don’t even need toys – all they want is a Christmas tree!” The Toy Shop does not usually have something like this because people donate toys, clothes, books etc… but not trees.


Everyone within earshot could hear the desperation in her voice. So hope against hope, Paula, the leader of the program went to the back where they kept the extra toys, not yet put on the shelves for the next day and looked for a tree. A few minutes later she walked out to where the lady was standing and Paula was carrying a large box with a picture of a Christmas tree on the side of it. Also on the side was written in big bold letters – “Donate to MUST Toy Shop”.


A Charlie Brown Christmas tree is better than none

Paula and the mother opened the box and you could tell the tree had seen better years, but if you would have seen the expression on the mother’s face, you would have thought it was brand new. The lady was about to leave when Paula stopped her.


“Where are you going? You still need presents for your children.” Paula said.


The mother said “But all I wanted was the tree.”


Paula and the rest of the volunteers would have no part of it and walked the mother through the Toy Shop letting her choose a couple of items for each of her children so she would have something to put under her “new” tree.


What were the chances this lady would go to that location to ask for a tree? What were the chances a tree would be there? A miracle doesn’t have to be parting the seas or changing the lunar cycle – miracles are often happenings that seem negligible to most but their recipient.  In that way, we all have the ability to make a miracle come true for those who need then and not just now – all 365 days of the year.


Do you believe in miracles? I do, I’m blessed enough to witness them on a regular basis working at MUST.

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  1. Tereza says:

    Another reminder that miracles do happen!

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