Solidarity With All And For All – Help Those Helping Others

Solidarity With All And For All – Help Those Helping Others

By Barbara Farina


After the disastrous aftermath left by Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. and several countries in Central America suffering various disasters, physical damage to property and human loss, I cannot stop asking myself the same question I ask every year at this time. “How will all those people going to spend the holidays?”

Many of us are fortunate that we can choose, such trivial things as what we are going to put on our Christmas table to eat, or what kind of gifts we are going to putting under the tree. But there are many people around the world who lost their homes, their belongings, their jobs and even suffered the loss of a loved one.

And suddenly asking myself these questions every year seems small to me. Some things are irreplaceable …

When you lose everything, anything positive is a blessing

During the passage of this year, the world faced many issues from natural events that changed the lives of many, as is the sad reality of many people’s lives in the third world countries. Not to be dramatic with the facts, that happens. The reality is that the events are dramatic on their own. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, snowstorms (different climate change) on the planet. In most of Central America, Latin America, Asia and Africa, poverty is added to all of this, magnifying everything further.

It is watching everything that happened this year that changes my original question, transforming it into several questions. What I can do to help all who need to spend a better Christmas? What can we all do to help? What is the best way to help?

Well, there is not one way to help. Everybody can do something from wherever we are. Some can do more and some less, but you can do even a little for all those who have less.

I want to be clear with something I think is important; it is clear that the more we can help, the better, but this does not invalidate what we do, no matter how minimal.

This makes a difference!

Everywhere in the world for Christmas and New Year, community soup kitchens and shelters need help to feed all these people for whom that may be the only meal in the day is that dinner. Either donating your time to help or donating food, coats, blankets or any clothing they may need; we are helping.

Donating money to various ONGĀ“s, foundations, etc., We are also helping.

All those with children who have toys that they do not use anymore – don’t throw them in the trash, donate them to a church, shelter, hospital or anywhere you choose. That toy that your child does not use will put a smile on the face of the child who has nothing or who lost everything.

Both the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders do a great work around the world helping those who have less, those who are at risk, and so on. You can sign up to volunteer or donate money to any of these organizations.

In every country, in every city, in every community there are different places (organizations, churches, schools, etc …) where you can go and ask what is needed to help; and then we are helping.

You can make a difference no matter where you are

Some people do not have money to donate, and a good way to help is to donate our time. Many times there are people who need someone to talk to. We can put our ears on to listen to others as that is also helping. In giving of our time and self, we all are deeply touched, so I invite everyone to help contribute in whatever way they can.

My wish for this Christmas and New Year is that we help to help. I wish that together we can help everyone have a great holiday!!

A simple wish!

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  1. My local church gets first dibs, then there is a local food bank that I like.

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