What Makes Me Spicie?

What Makes Me Spicie?

By Alicia Taylor

What makes me Spicie?

1. I stand up for what I believe in. I may not believe what you believe, however, I am not one of those women that will agree with you in order to keep the peace. I have a right to my opinions, thoughts and feelings. Guess what? A lot of what I believe isn’t even politically correct or accepted by mainstream populace. Recognizing one’s own inner voice is a key to being Spicie.

2. I stand up for your right to your opinions. Unless you are my mirror image, we are bound to disagree on many things. You are entitled to your opinions and thoughts. Whether or not I agree with them, I am Spicie enough to recognize that we are from different worlds with different points of view.

3. I have my own identity. I know who I am. It took years for me to find myself. It took two terrible marriages, as well as shaking off some of the misguided teachings from childhood. However, I have come to like who I am. I am not going to change because someone else wants me to. Why would I want to be someone else when I am fine the way I am?

4. I make my own way in the world. I do not need someone else to take care of me. Remember those two bad marriages I referred to? Well, I learned to stand on my own two feet. I take responsibility for my own life and my own actions. They are mine. I might as well own them. I run my own business and have been a single mom. I have gone to school while working 3 jobs and raising two babies. I will do whatever it takes to ensure proper footing in the world.

Alicia Taylor: Spicie to the core

Alicia Taylor: Spicie to the core

5. I can change. While I will not change for someone else, I am capable of recognizing my own flaws. Yep. We all have them. Using them as an excuse to NOT get something done just slows down the progress of life. I am also able to re-evaluate previously held beliefs to see if they are still, or ever were, applicable, useful or viable. Some of those beliefs have been ingrained since infancy. However, even some of them have been sloughed off like dead skin as part of my inner beauty routine.

6. I am willing to break stereotypes. Growing up in the 80’s, computers were not part of our daily lives. However, I was the first of my friends to have an Atari – and the only girl I knew that did. When I was in high school, we didn’t have computers in the classroom. I found out my math teacher was a computer programmer and convinced him to teach a class in PASCAL. We had to get special permission to use the meager 6 pc computer room, but I helped convince the people in power to let us. We also got the class AP accredited. As a result, not only did I learn PASCAL in the 11th grade, but also got college credit for it. I was the only girl in the 6 person class. I am not afraid to do the unexpected. Arbitrary boundaries have never stopped me, even when everyone else around said, “That’s not ladylike” or “That’s a man’s world”.

7. I am Spicie because I hot! Yep! I am sexy and beautiful. No, I don’t look like I stepped off a display stand in Victoria’s Secret. My body is not model perfect. However, I have confidence to realize that the world’s idea of beauty isn’t the only, or even the best, vision of beauty. I am honest. I operate with integrity. As my grandmother always said, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.” Well, I guess I did hang on to some of those childhood teachings, after all.

I am Spicie because I recognize who I am and have made a place for me in this world. I have carved a niche. Despite having lived through child abuse and abusive relationships, I have survived. I recognize that I have some issues that I am still trying to overcome, but am Spicie enough to keep them from stopping life in its tracks. I am smart, creative and adventurous. I am Spicie!

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