What Do You Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

What Do You Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

By: Sharon Hayes

What do you do when you feel like giving up? Do you resign yourself to defeat and slink away or do you dig down and find that extra something that lives inside of all of us and climb back up and take on the world head on? Do you miss opportunities because you’re afraid to fail, but then spend your time bemoaning the loss and asking yourself, “What if. . .?” Do you live life? I mean really live it, not just survive from day to day, and do you really appreciate all that you have, or do you focus on what isn’t there?

Each and every day is a new opportunity. It is a chance to start fresh. But there are days when it seems like too much.

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What do you do when you feel like giving up?

Life is about taking chances.
Picking yourself up when you get knocked down.
Starting all over again
Not in spite of the bruises you still wear
But because of them.
The determination to try again will never be as strong
As when the hurt and disappointment are still raw.
Do you appreciate how truly short life is?
People who don’t are the ones who
Miss out on the opportunities and then
Whine that other people are just so damn lucky
Simply because they are too afraid to try.

If everything seems cloudy to you right now
The future seems uncertain
There’s no clear path or direction
You can make a decision here and now:
You can either continue to live in this fog and
Let life and everything pass you by or
You can choose to draw from your past experiences
To make you a stronger person.

You have to do in order to achieve

It’s also about your attitude.
Your attitude is always your choice.
No matter how bad circumstances may be,
Your attitude about what happens is what makes
The true difference in the big scheme of things.
Heroes of today and the past:
Anne Frank, Helen Keller, Christopher Reeves, Michael J Fox
What was their attitude?
You can use your past and your current situation
In a negative way
Opening the doors for possibly more negativity
And decreasing your chances of succeeding and
Never feeling truly satisfied.
Or you can take the attitude that
You are better than your current situation
You are better than your past demonstrates
Your drive instead of anger, revenge or other negative
Emotions becomes about wanting the universe to
Give you everything you truly deserve.

If you are steps away from losing it all right now;
And feel like throwing in the towel.
What if you knew that if you gave it
One more shot
That for X more days
You need to do A, B and C
You’d find your own pot at the end of the rainbow?
Would you give up
If you just KNEW what was waiting for you would be
So incredibly sweet it would make everything else
Pale in comparison?

What does YOUR pot at the end of the rainbow look like?
If you can’t see it yet with your eyes and
If you aren’t living it yet
Can you at least visualize it?
If you can’t, then why be surprised and question why
You are so miserable and then
You complain about all the bad life is throwing you.
Keep complaining about the bad and
You’ll continue getting more of it.
That’s the way life works.

Life. Shit happens. Inevitably.
This ain’t no contrived drama.
For most of us it will never be Leave it To Beaver.
Who wants that anyhow?




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  1. Thanks Sharon for the great words of inspiration.

  2. I started, because I want to be great today… :-)


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