Spicie’s Holiday Party Safety Tips

Spicie’s Holiday Party Safety Tips

By: Carrie Eckles

The holidays are the time of getting together with your friends and/or loved ones, and subsequently for many people, drinking, because you got together with your loved ones. Sometimes that drinking is celebratory and other times it is “Oh dear Lord get me through this night and these insufferable people!” style drinking. The holidays are also a time many people let their guard down more than usual at parties. You figure, “I’m with people I know”, and therein is often where the trouble starts.


Parties are fun – until they aren’t. Be Smart and safe!

Holiday parties can get just as wild as any other kind of party. Even under the lights of a Menorah or amidst the smell of roasting poultry, you can still fall prey to opportunistic date rapists. In fact, some of the more opportunistic sleezebags might actually target a holiday party just because they’re clever enough to realize that your guard is down. But, as Babyshambles tells us, “clever ain’t wise”. Humans are social creatures. We like to party and have a good time, but just because it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or New Years, it does not give you a free pass to act like an idiot—or let your guard down. Bad things still happen to good people no matter what day it is. We don’t want to make you paranoid to the point of not being able to enjoy yourself, but we want you to be vigilant and protect yourself.
Be wise and keep safe during the holiday season by keeping these simple tips in mind.

Always watch your drink being made

The one and only time I was slipped date rape drug, I was given a drink—in a well-lit restaurant surrounded by loved ones—by someone who I thought was a friend. I had no memory (or intention) of drinking twelve more margaritas, six peach Schnapps, and two Coronas all in the span of an hour and a half. If it weren’t for real friends finding me before damage was done, I would be dead now. Don’t let that be you.



Keep an eye on your drink at all times

Keep an eye on your drink as it’s being made. Even if it’s a professional bartender, you never know. If you move your eye for a second, someone can walk up to the bar and slip a sneaky something or other into your drink, and that’s all she wrote.  Another great deterrent is to make your drinks yourself. That way, you know exactly what’s going in them.  Also, don’t hand your drink to someone else to hold—especially if they offer to hold it. People can be freaking horrible, and sometimes it behooves us to be paranoid, so we don’t pay the price later.

Never leave your drink alone

Think of your drink as your baby. You wouldn’t leave your baby alone in a room full of questionable drunks, right? Well, the same principle holds true for your drink. Even if it’s a water or a Coca-Cola, don’t doubt for a second that it can be tampered with. Let’s be blunt – date rape drugs are easy to get and just as easy to slip into a drink in a crowded room where people are talking, laughing and not thinking twice about someone slightly  brushing up against them in passing. That is the perfect scenario for a creep to ply their trade.

Retain control and avoid over-drinking

You literally cannot protect yourself if you are too drunk to know where the bathroom is. When you’re this impaired, it’s the perfect time for a predator to strike. Don’t be that chick who gets raped because she was so drunk she literally couldn’t lift her head to cry out.



Don’t drink yourself into being memed

On a similar note of self-control, another reason to avoid over-drinking is so that you don’t make an ass out of yourself. In the modern world, what you do can be Keek’d or YouTube’d in a matter of seconds and suddenly you’re an internet sensation (read as: abomination). Don’t be the chick on the internet who lost her pants and is wondering around a snow-covered front yard trying to ask the neighbors if they’ve seen them. That’s not cool. You’re not in high school. You’re never gonna get that promotion if your boss sees it—and believe me, nowadays, she will.

Always make sure someone knows where you are and who you are with


This sounds so basic, but you should always let people know what party you will be at and who will be there – not everyone there of course, but a few people. This is particularly true if you’re going without friends or just one friend. Even more if you are not handling your own transportation. Some would say this overkill, but what if? What if something did happen and no one had any idea where you were? What if the worst happened and the police were looking for someone that could say, “Yes she was at XYZ with Jeff and Jane”. No one likes thinking that will ever be necessary, but for someone, it is each and every day.


Be prepared for anything


Take your safety seriously!

Things happen. People that are best friends get into fights. People hook up with someone and slip away without saying a word. You don’t feel well. You get uncomfortable with where you are or the people present. You can’t always depend on someone else – you need to be self reliant. make sure you have plenty of cash – yes cash – to cover cab fare just in case you need it. Make sure your cellphone has a full charge and check to make sure you’re getting a signal as soon as you get there. It is also very helpful if you have someone that knows you’re partying and is willing to come pick you up just in case you do find yourself and friends you came with a bit “over-served” and need help getting home safe because you can’t get a cab or safe ride home from someone you know at the party.

For the extra precautious

1. When you arrive at a party, send yourself an email from your phone with the names of people at the party in it and what time you arrived. No one is going to look at you odd for doing this – everyone texts these days. It’s grim to think of, but if you go missing it can make a big difference.

2. Pass on the random hookup. Random hookups are played out and dangerous. Too many people walk away from them with regrets and they can be dangerous. You don’t know for sure if someone has an STD or not. You don’t know what someone may do to you if they get you alone. If you absolutely have to break this rule – snap a pic of whoever it is and post it to your Instagram or something so if things do go wrong you have a face to go with the incident.

3. Don’t leave with a stranger – even if it is just for a ride home. See our rule about covering your bases with cab fare or a friend that can scoop you up.

4. Avoid areas where there are no other people. If a party is making you feel like you need to be alone – leave! Don’t go hanging out in places that may be unfamiliar and who knows what can happen.

5. Know what to do if the worst does happen.

A. If you are physically attacked on the way to your car, in a bathroom or anywhere, yell “FIRE”, not help. Studies show people will respond to a scream of fire more readily than help.

B. Resist. Even if someone bigger than you are is trying to physically subdue you, fight back! Sometimes seeing you are not an easy mark is all it takes to back down a would be predator looking for a weak mark.

C. If the predator has a gun and you possibly can – RUN! That’s right, RUN and do it in a slightly zig-zag pattern! Don’t try to disarm them and don’t just stand there and let them get physical control of you. Most trained police officers only land 4 of 10 shots when they are in range of 12-15 feet and the target is moving. This is due to stress. The odds of the predator hitting you, a moving target are about 4 in 100 times. Some say just give in and play it safe, but if a predator is willing to shoot you when you are running, they will just as easily when you’re standing still.

D. If you are violated physically or sexually – report it! There is no shame in filing a report and it may save another person from suffering the same fate.

Yes, you may say this is all unnecessary and paranoid and you may not agree with everything, but there are plenty of people out there who know you cannot be safe enough. You may be a wonderful person and the people you show up with may be as well – but not everyone is sunshine and cupcakes. There are people that will take advantage of you. Party crashers do exist and not all have the intention of just having fun. Please be safe at parties this season and every party you go to no matter when it is. We don’t want you to be a statistic.

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