Total Acceptance: We Are Not Perfect And That Is Okay!

Total Acceptance: We Are Not Perfect And That Is Okay!

By Anise Smith

I’ve occasionally written about finding true happiness and coming to terms with changes you may have to make in order to find that within yourself.  This can be especially hard for women because we see so many images of what would be considered true beauty by the media.  Additionally, as women, we have the added burden of our own need to be superwoman.

A huge part of happiness really is embracing total acceptance of WHO YOU ARE right at this moment.  Not who you want to be if you can shed 10 more pounds. Not who you will be if you meet your soulmate. Not who you will be if you get your dream job and/or any other obstacle, Not who you were 20 years ago or anything that interferes with you embracing who you are right now.

No one is perfect, no matter the perception that they present to others. I think the need to be perfect has been amplified due to social media. We all see people with their perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect homes, perfect vacations and more and often is is nothing more than a facade. We see this so much, we can start to fall into the trap of looking at our lives and comparing what we have to what we see through our news feed.  This is not beneficial to us and does not HELP us to accept who we are. It can make us feel less than satisfied with our lives as they are now if we allow it to.

Chaka Khan hair happens

I’ve had people message me with glowing compliments of my photos on Facebook and I quickly let them know that I DO NOT look like this everyday. I am in no way perfect in looks, body or attitude.  I wear glasses because my vision is horrible. I can get a zit every now and then. I could afford to loose some pounds, and my hair has a Chaka Khan quality if it’s humid but I totally accept this about myself. I display my best photos online. I try to post positive messages and I never display my hair when it is in Chaka mode.  I am no different than any other person; everyone posts his or her best. So when we start to compare our lives to the posted images of perfection, keep this in mind. I do! This is what allows me to keep some perspective.

This is one of the reasons that I consider myself a work in progress. I am not perfect but since I recognize and acknowledge my flaws I can have total acceptance of those flaws and embrace who I am today right this moment with no changes. I do not compare my life to the perception of perfection that I see while on social media channels. I also do not focus on my lack of perfection; I embrace my life, flaws and all.

Imperfections make us who we are

Acceptance of outward imperfections in addition to internal imperfections is a huge part of total happiness.  It can actually be very liberating!  If you are constantly searching for something, someone and or some situation that can make you happy, you could very well loose track of the happiness that is happening in your life currently.

Total acceptance of this kind in itself is a work in progress and has to be reinforced daily. Start with taking a look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself and leave your criticisms behind.

  • If you have laugh lines, accept them
    If you have crazy hair, accept the hair, it’s a part of who you are.
    If you need to lose a few pounds, stop beating up on yourself. Beating yourself up will not help you lose weight, but accepting yourself as is will help your state of mind.

Look at yourself and love yourself as you are RIGHT this moment! Make the pledge to love yourself, embrace yourself, flaws and all. Make the pledge of total acceptance.

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