Who the Celebrities Endorse in Election 2012

Who the Celebrities Endorse in Election 2012

Before the election closes down, we want to take a look at one more thing – less serious than what we have covered before and primarily as little more than a curiosity. Still, even as a curiosity, we think it is somewhat telling to take a quick look at who endorses who during this election. We cannot deny that there is a certain segment of society that does base at least a portion of their decision making process on what celebrities say and that some celebrities have proved to be capable of helping get people fired up about voting – whether they get to the polls or not is a different issue.

We aren’t swayed in our position on the basis of celebrity endorsements and we know most of our readers aren’t either. People have made up their minds on how they will vote at this point and there is no use in hammering down the issues right now. We just wanted to share this so people can see the type of personalities endorsing the candidates this election. We think when you look at who throws their support where, you can spot a definite pattern. These are not the full endorsement lists, but they are names that at times you will look at and be a bit surprised we think.

The last thing we will say about the election is please go vote. Whoever it is you support, take a role in the process.


Team Romney / Ryan


Kid Rock – Musician
Donal Trump – Entrepreneur
Chuck Norris – Actor

Jack Nicklaus – Actor
The Oak Ridge Boys – Country/Gospel Singers
Honey Boo Boo – ugh
Lee Greenwood – Country Music Singer
Kelsey Grammar – Actor
Donnie and Marie Osmond – Musicians/Entertainers
Lindsay Lohan – Actress
Jenna Jameson – Adult Film Actress
Carly Fiorina – CEO Hewlett-Packard – Business
Lee Iacoca – Business

Clint Eastwood made an impression with this “debate”

Clint Eastwood – Actor/Politician

Ruppert Murdoch – Business
Ross Perot – Business
Jerry Falwell – Christian Spiritual Leader
Billy Graham – Christian Spiritual Leader
Kirk Cameron – Actor/Evangelist
Gary Busey – Actor
Jon Cryer – Actor
Adam Sandler – Comedian/Actor
Sylvester Stallone – Actor
Vince Vaughn -Actor

Family Jewels = Family Values?

Gene Simmons – Musician/Business
Pat Buchanan – Christian Spiritual Leader
Rush Limbaugh – Talking Head
Heidi Montag – Reality Star
Dean Koontz – Author
Terry Goodkind – Author
Alex Rodriguez – Professional baseball Player
John Elway – Retired Football Player
Peyton Manning – professional Football Player
Richard Petty – Retired Stock Car Driver
Hulk Hogan – Professional Wrestler/Reality Star
Vince McMahon – CEO WWF
Jeff Foxworthy – Comedian
Jeff Dunham – Comedian

Pat Robertson – Christian Spiritual Leader

Dennis Miller – Comedian/Talking Head
Drew Carey – Comedian
Charlie Daniels – Country Music Singer
Vanilla Ice – Musician
Ted Nugent – Musician
Dave Mustaine – Musician


Team Obama / Biden

Bruce Springsteen – Musician
Katy Perry – Musician
Jay-Z – Musician/Business
Cher – Musician/Entertainer
Chris Rock – Comedian/Actor
Will Ferrell – Comedian/Actor
Scarlett Johansson – Actress
Joss Whedon – Entertainment Mogul

Alec Baldwin – Actor
Gary Sinise – Actor
George Clooney -Actor
Nicki Minaj – Musician
Lady Gaga – Musician
Warren Buffet – CEO of Berskshire Hathaway
Bill Gates – Founder and CEO of Microsoft
David Geffen – Founder of Geffen Records, Assylum Records and cofounder of SKG Dreamworks
Chris Hughes – Cofounder of Facebook
Marissa Mayer – CEO of Yahoo!
Jim Carrey – Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio – Actor
Robert Downey Jr. – Actor
Neil Patrick Harris -Actor
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Former Professional Wrestler / Actor

Barack, I am your endorsement

James Earl Jones – Actor
Seth Rogen – Actor
Will Smith – Musician / Actor
Betty White – Actress
Zach Galifianakis – Comedian / Actor
Ron Howard – Actor / Director
Kevin Smith – Screenwriter
Steven Spielberg – Entertainment Mogul
Quentin Tarantino – Director / Screenwriter
Ellen DeGenneres – Comedienne / Talk Show Hostess
Bill Nye – TV Personality
Oprah Winfrey – Media Mogul
Merle Haggard – Country Music Singer
Adam Levine – Singer
Pink – Singer
Stevie Wonder – Singer
Billie Joe Armstrong – Singer
Foo Fighters – Music Performers
Judy Blume – Author

Stephen King makes his position clear

Stephen King – Author
George R.R. Martin – Author
Floyd Mayweather – Professional Boxer
Derek Jeter – Professional Baseball Player

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