I’m Secretly Wonder Woman And You Can Be A Superhero Too!

I’m Secretly Wonder Woman And You Can Be A Superhero Too!

By Amanda Fox

Growing up, most of us wanted to be a superhero – even if it was just a brief phase. We knew that we couldn’t really fly or jump on the back of a whale and ride off to fight crime or shoot spiderwebs from our wrists, but hat didn’t matter. We wanted that feeling of power. To be able to do anything and make a difference in a way people looked up to us with awe. Then we grew up.

We started going through a series of different phases where wanted to be different things. For some it may have been a professional athlete or prima ballerina. Others may have wanted to be actors or whatever it was. A different kind of more achievable superhero. The point is, we still wanted to be heroes of a sort, someone that people looked up to and admired, but we became more realistic about a means of doing that. Then we got older still.

Most of us didn’t became world famous athletes, dancers, actors – or whatever the dream was. We became who we are and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong, at least for far too many of us, is we gave up on the dream. We stopped believing we could be that superhero that was admired and awed because we didn’t become world famous. That sucks. Yup, the best way to put it is that sucks!


I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was little So I became her! Sort of

Somewhere along the line we fell into this trap of thinking without the cape, invisible jet, packed stadium or auditorium, we couldn’t be a superhero and that is pure bunk! Stop and think for a second – professional athletes, dancers, actors or whatever are all people – and let’s be honest – not all are admired by a long shot. Wonder Woman, The Hulk – whoever you pick – they are all based on primarily normal people that underwent a change endowing them with superpowers. We don’t believe that can be us, but it can.

You do have superpowers! We all do! The problem is we stopped believing we could. Now, I’m not saying you can tie a towel around your neck and fly like Superman. Please, don’t think that, and if you do believe that, take a few test runs on the ground and make sure it works. No, what I’m talking about is you have the ability within you to inspire, make someone stand back and look at you in awe and ultimately, do things that make the world better! You can save lives and fight crime and do all of that just as you are – if you believe you can!

When we think of being a superhero, we rarely break out of the mindset we formed as children as to what they are. Look at the word though – super and hero. You can be super and you can be a hero. The way you do that is by being the best version of yourself that you can be. It’s not easy, and that is why it is worthy of being considered the stuff of superheroes.

The best version of our self is pretty standard for all people. When we can help someone, we do it. Even if it is getting a person in need in touch with a person that can help, that is making a positive difference. It’s about doing what we can to improve the lives of those around us. Maybe that means you give someone a shoulder to lean on or cry on. It could mean you give them a kick in the butt and get them back on course. Maybe you feed the hungry or help those who need a hand.


It means sharing what you have with those who need it. Most of us are blessed to have some form of excess. As decent humans, we need to spread that around. Maybe that is money, knowledge, time, food or possessions we don’t need or maybe even use that would make a difference for someone else.

But if you really want the simple breakdown on how to be a superhero every single day, here it is in 4 easy steps.

1. Keep your own life order. Take care of yourself so that you can help take care of others.
2. Don’t just think of others, be there for them – whatever that means.
3. Be a decent human being and respect life.
4. As our publisher says, “Do good shit.”


This is what real superheroes look like

You may not think that is the stuff of a superhero, but it is. Some of you are already doing it and guess what – you’re superheroes! You may not know it or think so, but to someone, you are! You don’t need the cape. You don’t need to be a mutant of unheard of powers. All you need is compassion, desire and the will to try to make each day better than the last somehow, for someone. The person that does that day after day over the course of a lifetime is what a real superhero is.

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