7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Really Follow Through On

7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Really Follow Through On

By Amanda Fox

With the new year rapidly approaching, New Year’s resolutions will begin flooding every corner of our life. We’ll hear about the resolutions made by friends and family members, they’ll be status updates everywhere we go. Some people will make one resolution while others will have a list of them. Some will be reasonable and others will be ridiculous. Since most people will make resolutions, whether they really plan to follow through on them or not, let’s resolve to make some New Year’s resolutions that can not only be easily followed through on, but that will make a difference.


There’s nothing wrong with resolving to get to a healthier weight, stop smoking, seek better employment, kick a bad habit or anything like that. They are common resolutions made by millions of people – but they are also sent to rest long before manifesting by a pretty large percentage of those people. This year, Spicie wants to challenge you to follow our resolution list either on it’s own or in conjunction with your own.


Get help following through on your goals!

1. Follow through on your new year’s resolutions. It sounds pretty easy, but given that according to some surveys over 80% of new year’s resolutions are never completed, the act of resolving you will follow through may be the hardest on the list. If you have trouble keeping focus on goals, enlist a buddy to help you stay the course or sign up for a program like YOAL that can help.


2. Get healthier! Everyone is different so we won’t say lose weight or exercise more or anything specific. Just get healthier. Make it a point to stay better hydrated, move around a little more, maybe cut down on a favorite snack that isn’t all that great for you. Take baby steps. You don’t have to live in the gym and eat nothing but roughage to get there – just do little things consistently.


3. Be kinder to others. No one expects the world to turn into people holding up candles singing in perfect harmony. Being kinder this year may mean that now and then you stop yourself from criticizing another when it isn’t going to be productive. Maybe you give that homeless guy you pass on the way to works some spare change or surrender your seat to someone who needs it. Compliment someone to their face instead of just thinking it in your head. Little things do matter.


Keep positive and keep moving forward!

4. Stay out of the sewer of gossip. One of the ugliest activities we all engage in on some level is gossip. In some cases we may be spreading it, in others, we may be the audience – willing or not. Gossip is juicy and it can be irresistible, but it is often nothing more than baseless crap someone concocted to entertain them self. Just say no! Yeah, that is so 80’s to say, but seriously – don’t spread gossip and don’t provide an audience for gossipers. Watch how much drama suddenly evaporates from your life.


5. Give yourself a mental health break now and then.¬† Offline and online, we all encounter a wide variety of people. Some of those people are what we would term train wrecks or toxic. No matter where they go, drama follows. No matter what you do, they try to suck you into their black hole of despair until you are as miserable as they are. Resolve this – walk away. It’s not always easy and you may feel bad for doing it briefly, but once you feel that weight of doom and gloom lift from your shoulders, you’ll feel better.


6. Take some “me time”. Every now and then you need to power down and do something that is only for you. Maybe it’s a long, hot bath or giving yourself a little extra time in the garden. Identify something that makes you feel good that you often skimp on because you don’t feel like you have the time for it and do it.


7. Take a moment to be thankful each day. There will be days you feel like there is nothing to be thankful for, but there is always something in our life we can shine a spotlight on and be grateful for. For bonus points, tell someone you appreciate them or even just that you are thinking of them every day. The 10-15 seconds it may take you to do that can make the next 24 hours brighter for someone else – and you’ll feel good about it too!


This New Year’s eve, resolve to do whatever you want. Make it big or small, one thing or a hundred. Just make sure that whatever it is, you have an honest chance to actually follow through and then honor that honest chance by making an honest effort. Make a positive¬† change this year and make that a change that is not only positive for you, but everyone around you.

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  1. amidiabetic says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to stop making New Year’s resolutions! I never keep to them. I do try to eat healthy, I do try to walk a little more but not as a resolution. If I do these things without a resolution, I seem to stick to them. Sounds weird I know but it works for me.

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