Ladies in the Limelight: Spicie Vegetarian Singers

Ladies in the Limelight: Spicie Vegetarian Singers

By Alicia Taylor

Joan Jett, Alanis Morissette and Joss Stone are three incredibly talented singers that light up the stage with their own distinctive styles of music. Joan Jett is known for being the bad girl of rock and roll, belting out hard driving, strong female vocals to rock and punk rhythms. Alanis Morissette became famous for her soft rock and pop vocals, while Joss Stone is recognized by her bluesy vocals and heartfelt, soulful lyrics. Other than being talented musicians that have carved their own slice of pie in their musical spheres, they are also vegetarians.

As a vegetarian who has not consciously eaten meat for almost 10 years, I am fascinated by the reasons that other people become vegetarian. I am also a freebie blogger. One of the freebies that came in the mail 10 years ago was a DVD from PETA called “High-Fives and Stage Dives.” At the time, I wasn’t really familiar with who PETA was, but my then 12-year-old son loved music, so I gave him the DVD. Of course, it was riddled with the vegetarian evangelism that I now know that PETA is so famous for.

My son was a hot convert. He didn’t want to face his then step-father alone in his vegetarianism thinking he would be made fun of. He knew that I had flirted with vegetarianism for several years. I ate very little meat simply because I did not like the taste or texture of it. He begged me to try vegetarianism with him so he wouldn’t have to go it alone. I agreed. Well, within 6 months he had abandoned the vegetarian diet deciding he missed meat too much. I stuck with it. To this day, I have not watched the video that was ultimately responsible for my dietary conversion. In fact, I don’t support PETA and feel they are too radical. True story!

It’s ironic, then, that my rock ‘n’ roll idol, Joan Jett has not only been a vegan for 20 years, but also is a strong supporter of PETA. She has even been one of PETA’s featured vegetarians and has made a “Vegetarian Testimonial” for them. As a vegan, Joan Jett consumes no animal products at all, including dairy products, eggs or honey. She originally became vegetarian because meat set too heavy on her stomach while on tour. She eventually converted to veganism and became a strong animal rights advocate. She says that she even catches bugs and puts them outside. Despite her tough persona, she lives a green lifestyle and practices environmental advocacy.

alanisAlanis Morissette, who actually suffered from bulimia when she was younger, eats a mostly vegan diet now. She practiced her vegan diet during her pregnancy. She became a vegetarian in 2008 for health reasons and shaved off 20 pounds. She’s also an avid marathon runner, spiritualist and writer. She claims that she turned over a new dietary leaf on behalf of the National Eating Disorders Association.

Joss Stone has been a vegetarian since birth. Her parents raised her as a vegetarian and she has never eaten meat. While she has been nominated for the 2007 Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year and has posed for PETA ads, she has not embraced the vegan lifestyle that PETA promotes. She says she continues to eat a vegetarian diet for animal rights reasons. I particularly like her innovative survival tip for steak restaurants. Ask for bread, salad fixings and cheese and make yourself a cheese sandwich.

Their reasons for becoming vegetarians are as different as their singing styles. However, despite their differences, they are bound by similarities. Not only are they talented singers and vegetarians, but each of them uses their influence to make a difference in causes they believe in.

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  1. Dennis says:

    I’ve never been concerned about my diet, much. I grew up eating meat, and vegetables, and even in the military service, potatoes or rice were served at every meal, except for C rations, while in the field. A few years back, my metabolism clock was activated, from a weight of 175 to 130, less than I weighed in high school.

    • Congrats on the weight :) I grew up on a farm, so I am no stranger to helping butcher chickens and rabbits and knew to never grow attached to my Dad’s dad’s cows and pigs. My family in Missouri were cattle ranchers, too. Needless to say, I grew up eating meat. I just never cared for the taste of it.

  2. mac says:

    wild, I would have never thought.

    I was in the Marine Corps for 8+ years and vegetarian (except when I could not be). People never understood :)

    • Mac
      I will be that was difficult. My husband was in the Navy and we’ve talked about how vegetarians survived on a ship at sea. He said that they frequently found it very difficult. He wasn’t a vegetarian himself, but he knew some… and they eventually had to resort to eating meat to make it. I would do that rather than starve, for sure! You are right, though. Most people don’t understand and waitresses in low-budget restaurants frequently act like it’s a hassle to tell you what’s on the menu that’s vegetarian, or can be made that way. It’s so much more fun to eat where people appreciate the fact I am paying them to cook for me and I tip well :)

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