The Christmas Spirit Foundation: Bringing Christmas To Troops Abroad

The Christmas Spirit Foundation: Bringing Christmas To Troops Abroad

By Alicia Taylor

Many of us spend the Christmas holidays separated from our families by miles of distance.  We know they are safe.  We know that they, too, are celebrating around their own tree and, hopefully, missing us as well.

However, some of us have military family members stationed overseas.  They miss their homes and nothing around them is familiar.  The Christmas Spirit Foundation attempts to bring a little piece of the pie home to overseas military and their families here in the US by donating real trees grown in American farms.


Help bring a piece of the holidays to those who protect our peace each day

If you are looking for a worthy way to give back this holiday season, consider Trees for Troops from the Christmas Spirit Foundation.  Trees for Troops makes it possible for the overseas personnel to gather around an American grown tree, and it may be the only way they can see a Christmas tree this year.  The organization also provides real Christmas trees to the families of deployed troops that abide in the United States.  This year they plan on delivering 18,000 real trees to 62 bases.   Each tree delivered bears a tree tag with care tips and positive messages for the troops.

The Christmas Spirit Foundation’s efforts don’t stop when December ends.  Throughout the rest of the year they collect food, clothing, toys and books for abused children and underprivileged families. They also work to clean up the polluted green lands and work year-round to protect the environment.  Past projects have included providing relief to victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, assisting in the Illinois flood relief effort and building a playground in an impoverished St. Louis neighborhood.  Clearly, Christmas is not just a time of year.  Christmas is a continual spirit.

The Christmas Spirit Foundation received the Best in America Seal of excellence by the Independent Charities of America.  This year, their Trees for Troops program was honored at the White House in the Joining Forces Community Challenge for their support to military families.  They are also fiscally responsible in that 97% of donations actually go directly to Trees for Troops.  Only about 3% goes towards fundraising and administrative costs.


The traditional Christmas tree

If you want to join forces with the Christmas Spirit Foundation, when you visit Christmas Tree Retailers, look for “We Support Our Troops” signs.  You can make a donation through many of them or purchase a tree for the program directly through them.  If you can’t find any near you, you can make a donation through Christmas Spirit Foundation’s website.  If you, yourself, are a tree grower, Christmas Spirit Foundation offers a you free tool kit complete with posters and press releases.  You can find out more about supporting Trees for Troops with your tree growing-business here.

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